How to Help

Food Pantry Needs: Peas, Carrots, Mixed Vegetables, Cereal, Hamburger and Tuna Helper, Canned Fruit

What are your gifts? What resources do you have to share? DONATE and VOLUNTEER are important, but HCC needs class teachers, mentors, and program participants. There’s an important place for you at HCC.

People who live in Holton, who grew up here and returned to raise their own families, know just how special this little community is. There is an undergirding of values that move people to encourage personal responsibility and community service mixed with true compassion to help neighbors when they need it.

Helping requires wisdom, though, and that is another important role that HCC plays in Holton. We expect that everyone who receives services will find a way to give back. We provide a broad range of ways to help: Donate and Volunteer are just the beginning. We need class leaders, youth mentors, craft making experts, skilled homemakers, wise grandparents and parents, all willing to share just a few of the gifts God has given you to help others. And we always need people to come enjoy HCC events with us!


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